Jungle Play, formerly trading as Art Dinouveau, has been operating in Queensland Australia since 2002. Founded by Alan Groves and Sascha Joffe, Jungle Play focuses on creating unique sculptural play equipment that celebrates the beauty of nature. Minute details from nature are reinterpreted as giant sculptures to make children feel like they have become tiny enough to play with the many miniature creatures in the jungle. Children are encouraged to find shelter in a giant Gum Leaf Pod, ride a Caterpillar or a rainforest Snail, slide down a Dragonfly, rest on a giant Gum Leaf Seat or have a tea-party on Toadstool Tables and Chairs. The Jungle Play sculptures can be transported worldwide, bringing transformative colour and magic to any indoor or outdoor play space. 

Alan Groves

The creative brain behind Jungle Play‘s play sculptures, Alan Christopher Groves started out in the model-making and special effects industry in the UK. Today, Alan sculpts and paints each play item, painstakingly recreating the subtlest detail present in nature and presents them in artistic, child-friendly forms and colours.

Sascha Joffe

Sascha combines years of industry experience through her family company interests with a degree in business and an artistic eye for good design. Sascha manages Jungle Play and ensures that each piece of equipment meets both industry and aesthetic requirements.

Gum Leaf Pod | Jungle Play
Airbrushing the inside of the Gumleaf Pod
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