Velociraptor Discovery Fossil

Guaranteed to delight even the most discerning budding palaeontologist, our Velociraptor Discovery Fossil features an anatomically-correct fossilised Velociraptor skeleton in matrix.

This faux fossil is very popular with schools and child care centres and is available either as a stand-alone sandpit with sides or as a panel that can be buried (permanently or temporarily) beneath sand in existing or new sandpits.

The stand-alone version may be used both indoors and outdoors either on the floor or ground or positioned on a raised platform for all-abilities access as shown in the images.

Also available within the European Union. Email us on for inquiries.



Sandpit Insert
Length:   1600mm
Width:     940mm
Height:    150mm

Stand-alone Sandpit
Length:    1900mm
Width:     1000mm
Height:    200mm

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