Our newest play sculpture is sure to bee a favourite with children and parents alike. Recreating the tiniest details of arguably the most important insect on planet Earth, our cheerful Bee play sculpture encourages children to appreciate the magnificence of bees in larger-than-life form. The Bee is designed for climbing, riding and jumping and will easily accommodate a few children at once. 

The Bee can be painted to depict any bee species showing similar sculptural form and thus offers an opportunity for educating children regarding their local species. Shown in the images are the Honey Bee, Blue Banded Bee and the Green Burrowing Bee.

Our Bees are available in two sizes – 1.2m for play applications and a 30cm version for decorative purposes (as shown in the Honey Shop image). The Bee works particularly well when used together with other creatures including the Caterpillar and Ladybird as well as our wildflower stools and oversized fruits and vegetables.


Length:   1180mm
Width:    1055mm
Height:   511mm

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