Turtle Cubby Climber

Our amazing Turtle Cubby Climber is fun to play on and in!

A wide entrance cut within the arched dome grants access to the ‘belly of the beast’ creating an immersive experience for children of all abilities – an easy or challenging climber and a semi-shaded cubby space large enough for story time or other group activities. The giant head has a friendly face and is anchored at ground level as an added option for climbing and jumping.

Set into blue rubber-crumb soft-fall, the turtle looks like it is swimming through the ocean, while brown soft-fall or green artificial grass transform it into a lumbering land tortoise. Our Turtle Cubby Climber can be painted to spec to suit the theme of your playspace.


Length:   3600mm
Width:    3600mm
Height:   1800mm

This item is best installed with surrounding rubber, turf or organic softball and is not recommended for use in sand as it will eventually degrade the paint finish.

Click here to access technical files related to this product.

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