Toadstool Table Set

Our delightful toadstool or mushroom table and chair sets is a colourful and very useful addition to any playspace. Available in classic red and white or muted beige tones akin to natural mushrooms, these delightful sets provide a functional and durable picnic or activity table suitable for all ages and play environments.  Each toadstool has a sculpted ribbed underside just like a real toadstool or mushroom. This is an added feature for babies and toddlers who spend time at ground level. The toadstool seats may also be utilised as stand-alone seats as shown inside our Treehouse cubby.

Each of the toadstool components has a separate steel base plate with 4 x M14 holes for fixing down to a slab so these sets can be arranged in any configuration. There is also an allowance at the base of each toadstool that should be covered by soft-fall rubber, turf or mulch both for aesthetic purposes and to prevent theft. This item is not recommended for use in sand.


Length:  890mm
Width:   890mm
Height:  615mm

Width:   260mm
Height:  375mm

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