Inspired by a childhood spent in nature and a love of climbing trees, our Treehouse features numerous interactive play elements to keep children entertained for hours. There are two separate cubby spaces, a curved slide and a variety of sculptural features designed to inspire and amuse children of all ages. 

The ground-level cubby is nestled in the hollowed-out trunk of the tree and has a gentle ethereal light emanating from the illuminated glow-worms hidden in the nooks and crannies of the tree. Bright orange fungi seating, a snoozing owl, frogs, geckos, and snails all await the intrepid toddler explorer. 

A series of bright orange bracket fungi form a ladder at the side of the tree and invite children to climb to a second level open cubby space. Hidden in the foliage in the canopy cubby are comfy spots for children to play quietly before sliding back to the ground via the curved slide wrapped around the trunk under the branches of the tree.

The Treehouse is designed to delight of children of all ages and suitable for inclusion in parks, schools, hospitals, kindergartens, childcare centres and retail environments.

The Treehouse is made from heavy-duty fibreglass and finished in a gelcoat or polyurethane paint and a resilient, graffiti-proof varnish.


Length:   2800mm
Width:    2200mm
Height:   2430mm

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